Getting Started

*Pricing Info at bottom of page.

Step #1 – Attend a Free Intro Class

New to CrossFit? No problem. All of our classes have a CrossFit Level One Trainer there to support, instruct and encourage you. You will have guidance through a warm-up, a work out of the day (WOD) and a cool down. If you aren’t ready for a full Crossfit class then try our lower complexity GoFit class. Come in and try your first class today!

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Step #2 – Sign Up for our Basics Class

The next step will be to register for our Basics class. This is an intro class that will go over all of the things you need to know to join into our regular classes. We will practice form, talk about scaling the workouts, discuss nutrition and much more.

We run these whenever we have folks interested in joining. There are no set times. We work around your schedule!

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Step #3 – Select a Membership

Now that you’ve attended our Basics class, you’re ready to jump into our regular classes. We offer a few different monthly packages to fit your schedule and training goals. These packages would go into effect after your first full month. We can discuss these when you finish your basics class.

  • All Access – $160/mo or $150/mo with a 6 month commitment

    This is a full use membership. This entitles you to as many classes and/or open gym times as you would like.

  • 4 Classes/Week – $140/mo or $130/mo with a 6 month commitment

    Allows up to 4 classes per week.

  • GoFit Only – $79/mo

    Allows access to GoFit classes. No Open Gym.

  • 10 Class Punch Card – $160

    Recommended for the person that travels a lot or cannot regularly visit the box.

* Discounts available for: Military, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Couples & Students.